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Advanced Editing

We pride ourselves on delivering magazine quality images for all our clients. We want every single lady to look and feel their best not only during the photoshoot but after when they receive their digital images.

We understand that not everyone wants or needs the same level of editing which is why we have two editing styles to choose from: BASIC and ADVANCED.


All our flying dress photoshoot packages include 1 round of basic editing which includes:

- Color correction (i.e enhance the colors and make them more vibrant)

- Removal of background people

- Smooth creases from dress

If you wish for more advanced editing there will be an additional charge due to the amount of extra time it takes to complete these editing requests.

ADVANCED EDITING: - Basic editing plus - Skin retouching (i.e smoothing bumpy skin, stretch marks, cellulite etc) - Body shaping (i.e flatten tummy, smooth out double chin, decrease arms/thighs, slim waist etc) - Blemish/pimple removal

- Even skin tone

- Removal of flyaway hairs

- Blend tan lines

- Hide bra straps

- Remove hotel wristbands

Please check out the sample images below so you can see the difference between various editing stages: RAW unedited image, color corrected image, basic edited image and advanced edited image.

We hope this helps you decide which editing style is right for you.

One image alone can take around 5 hours to edit... Yes, you read that right, FIVE HOURS to edit just one single image!

Our editor works extremely hard and has an exceptional eye for detail and we hope that shows in the quality of the work which we deliver to our clients.



- Advanced Editing for MINI package +$175

- Advanced Editing for MIDI package +$375

- Advanced Editing for MAXI package +$750

- Advanced Editing for COUPLE package +$250

- Advanced Editing for ARUBA OCEAN VILLAS package included

- Advanced Editing for VIP package included

- Advanced Editing for PRIVATE YACHT package included

- Advanced Editing for AIRSTREAM EXPERIENCE package included

- Advanced Editing for MOM-TO-BE package included

If you would like to upgrade your flying dress photoshoot package and add on the Advanced Editing, you can select this from the menu when you make your reservation online via our online booking system.


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