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Couple Pose Ideas

If your husband/partner/significant other would like to join you on your flying dress photoshoot and get in a few shots with you, here's some posing ideas that you can try together...

The Embrace

We've all seen those movies where the guy wraps his arms around his leading lady, pulls her in close and then leans her back as he gives her a passionate kiss right?

Well this is your moment to create your very own movie scene!

Laugh Out Loud

They say that couples who laugh together, stay together!

Perhaps you can tell each other an "inside joke" to make each other laugh, or failing that, the "fake laugh" is always a winner! 😂

Lean On Me

This simple pose is great for keeping your balance. As the wind whips the dress in to a frenzy, holding on to your partner for support creates a great moment for us to capture.

The Kiss

A long lingering kiss is the perfect pose for couples to recreate... And as they say, "practise makes perfect" so... Get kissing!

Follow Me

As you hold hands with your partner, look in to each others eyes and trust the process... This is a simple and easy shot to recreate and always looks great.

Enjoy The View

The sun is setting and you are stand side by side next to your partner... All you have to do now is admire the view!

The Lift

If you're born in a certain era then you will definitely know the iconic Dirty Dancing lift... What woman hasn't fantazised about recreating this famous scene?!

Patrick Swayze made it look effortless but this one is a lot harder than it looks 😅

If you are wanting to try out this pose, we recommend practising with your partner before your photoshoot so you can nail it on the day!

The Gaze

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder... And now is the perfect chance to gaze lovingly in to each other eyes and really appreciate the beauty of one and other in that moment 😍

Will you be trying any of these poses with your partner?

Which one is your favorite?

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