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Hand Poses

One of the most common things we have noticed after doing hundreds of photoshoots is people do not know what to do with their hands.

It can feel awkward or unnatural while posing but hopefully these tips will help you to overcome the feeling of awkwardness and give you confidence during your flying dress photoshoot.


1. A super easy pose is to place your hands just above your hips and slightly below your waist. We call this the "power pose" because it's strong and bold yet still feminine and sexy.

2. Pretend to tuck your hair behind your ear or play with an earring (if you are wearing any).

3. Caress your neck with your fingertips.

4. Touch tips, as in fingertips. Place both hands in front of you and lightly touch your fingertips together. This is a great pose for those who want to hide/disguise their tummy.

5. Hold the dress with the hand furthest away from the camera and raise your arm high above your head so the wind can catch the dress and it will blow open behind you.

6. Place one hand on the top of your thigh.

7. Rest your forearm on the top of your head with the palm of your hand facing the camera.


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