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The Money Shot

Check out this collection of our most iconic poses a.k.a The Money Shots!

This is THE image that almost broke the internet... The shot that really put us on the map and made Flying Dress Aruba go viral!

We get asked to recreate this all the time when we do photoshoots at the Bushiribana location. It's a real classic shot and showcases just how huge the dress really is!

We have practised this shot so many times... And every time we nail it it is a really proud moment. It's hard work try to get the dress to "fly" in such a way that it frames the model... We wish we could say this was all down to our great throwing "technique" but it's actually mostly down to the wind on that particular day... Mother Nature... Sometimes she cooperates, and sometimes she doesn't... Thankfully on this day she worked with us and not against us and we were able to capture this incredible moment!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this beauty! WOW! This is the kind of shot we all dream of. It was a last minute decision to try this pose right at the end of the shoot and it turned out better than we could have ever expected. The way the wind whipped the dress up in the air was just pure perfection!

This pose so simple but yet so effective! The staircase leading down to this awesome view sums up Aruba's beauty so perfectly! The staircase is located at Rodgers Beach, so if you would like to recreate this moment, this is the spot for you.

This is one of our all time favorite pictures and it's obvious to see why. The way the dress is flying, the pose on the rock, the light reflecting off the fabric, the background... It checks all the boxes for a "Money Shot"... And the truth is... It was a pure fluke! We got sooooo lucky with this shot because seconds after the camera captured this the wind made our model lose balance and she fell off the rock! She made it look so effortless but it's really hard work to create these epics shots. Totally worth it in our opinion though!

The lighting was perfect, the wind was cooperating and our model looked stunning... It was the best combination and the conditions allowed us to create this epic money shot!

Do you have a favorite pose or picture that you would like to recreate?


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